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LUCKYHORSE CLEANERS has finished buildin' our new barn. Two thousand, five hundred (2500) squares of the foot buildin' for cleanin' & fixin' horse blankets. We don't do your pants, shirts, dresses or suits, wez only thinkin' about your horse stuff.

We're as good as the best, better than most.

We use the best suds that gets out the stinkin' so nobody's freakin'.

All our washin' tubs are huge industrial/commercial grade machines designed for large heavy items like horse blankets, they really makem' look new again.

Our Waterproofin' process consists of totally saturating the outer fabric in our custom built Spraybooth with a Fluoroaliphatic Urethane Copolymer Emulsion, a permanent water guard that gives the best possible reapplication of water protection available.

Our sewin' machines are those big heavy-duty industrial walkin' foot machines that puts down a tight stitch usin' number 69 & 92 weight nylon bonded stichin' thread, you can see it and our other machines on the "See the barn" page of this here website.

We "free up" and lubricate or replace broken snap hooks so your blanket "works" when you get it back.

All our work is guaranteed to make you happy, cause if you aint' happy, I aint' happy and I like happy.

Our work includes:

  • Turn Out Blankets
  • Stable Blankets
  • Sheets & Coolers
  • Saddle Pads
  • K9 Apparel
  • Tack repair
  • Leather repair

Holler at us on the CB channel 19 or call us @ 804-271-0000

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